Welcome to ForBookSake, a blog dedicated to exploring the world of Literature.

As a lover of books I thought I would start this blog as a way of connecting with like-minded people to comment, debate and share my love for particular authors. Much of what you will find on here are articles of a semi-academic nature, for I want to explore ideas in a serious way, but I am doing my best to keep it as informal and easy to read as possible (though you may find the odd list to flick through).

I hope that one day this blog may also be used as a platform for other writers who share my love for reading and writing, and who also want to spread the ideas that have made an impact on their life. If you like the sound of this opportunity then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me in the ‘Contact’ section of the blog – I am more than open to discussing ideas and more than willing to work to make it a reality.Big Easy

As for me, I’m a writer from Kingston-Upon Hull in Yorkshire, a place usually spoken ill of, but a place with a rich history and culture that many tend to ignore. It was the home of Willam Wilberforce, Philip Larkin and Andrew Marvell, after all, with the river Humber even featuring in Marvell’s most famous poem ‘To His Coy Mistress’. (You should visit).

I aspire to study for a PhD and work at a university.

Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy what you read.